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New Haven, CT Roof Deicing by PowerHouse Home Services

Have you ever thought of how much snow and ice builds up on your roof during the winter months? Are you concerned that it places unnecessary pressure on your roof? Have you ever had the unfortunate pleasure of shoveling your roof? We take pride in being able to provide technologically advanced solutions for our customers and roof deicing is a great way to protect your home from leaks, ice damming and other issues related to snow and ice buildup on the roof. As you know all too well, a new roof is a not an inexpensive undertaking, and roof deicing is a great way to get the most from yours. We offer excellent roof deicing services in New Haven, CT and the surrounding areas, including installation, replacement and repair.

Let PowerHouse Home Services be your electrical contractor of choice. Roof deicing, like our lightning protection service, requires the installation of zig–zag tubing or roof ice melting (RIM) panels along the eaves of your roof. We recommend the latter in most cases. When considering this cost–effective service that can eliminate the threat of ice buildup on your roof, make sure you hire a professional to get the job done right the first time. We use Bylin Roof Ice Melt Systems because we believe they are one of the best solutions available. Call today to schedule your New Haven, CT roof deicing service, whether you need a system installed from scratch or your existing system needs to be repaired.

The New Haven, CT roof deicing experts at PowerHouse Home Services offer quality services throughout the New Haven area.

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The Importance of Roof Ice Melt Systems

It’s not necessarily the snow on your roof that presents a danger, but rather the combination of heat radiating through the roof and the snow that melts and drips down to the eaves to create icicles and damming at the gutters. Large icicles can result in minor and major injuries if they happen to fall on you or one of your family members. Ice damming occurs when your gutters freeze over, and leaks can also occur over time as the water freezes underneath your shingles. A professionally installed roof ice melt system allows you to prevent such issues easily.

Why We Use Bylin Roof Deicing Systems

We use Bylin Roof Deicing systems because they have a patented design and an innovative approach to the problems that roof ice melting presents to the homeowner. Unlike the zig–zag cable systems, which still have their place in certain applications, the Bylin Roof Ice Melt (RIM) system uses panels that attach directly to the eaves, so that any ice or snow that collects there falls to the ground as water. It does not allow roof ice damming to occur in the first place. This is a highly effective and efficient means of removing problems related to excessive snow and ice buildup on the roof. For roof ice melt systems in New Haven, CT, call PowerHouse Home Services.